Jasmine uses a combination of breathing techniques, ranging from Pranayama to Conscious Connected Breath. Knowing that different bodies require different practices to evoke healing. The fact that over 90% of people use less than half of their lung capacity – as a society we are unintentionally suffocating.

Jasmine began her breath training when she started practising yoga at the age of 12, then went on to deepen her education training as a teacher in 2018. Currently, Jasmine is in the middle of her Conscious Connected Breathwork training, becoming a certified facilitator in 2023.

Join Jasmine’s group virtual and in-studio classes at Bamford Brompton Cross, book here.

To make a private, group or corporate booking, contact Jasmine here.

In-Studio Timetable

Wednesday18:15 – 19:30Healing BreathworkBook
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