You are more magical than you have ever been led to believe

New Age spirituality has given voice and popularity to the magical amongst us. Perhaps you do or do not know that you have been using magic since the day you were born and you continue to work with it daily. M A G I C : The power of apparently influencing events by using mysteriousContinue reading “You are more magical than you have ever been led to believe”

The Ultimate Self Care Staycation

Are you taking time to rest and let your batteries recharge? No but wait, are you really? If I could guess, your version of self care is putting on a face mask while finishing up on work emails on a Friday night, before you join in 2 scheduled back to back virtual pub quizzes, wineContinue reading “The Ultimate Self Care Staycation”

Wrong Person, Right Time

With the lack of freedom lockdown brings, the abundance of time you suddenly have for self-reflection looms over you. This is not my usual blog but this is something I felt I couldn’t not write… Even if it is just a message to my older self from my younger (single and sassy) self. Looking backContinue reading “Wrong Person, Right Time”

How Every Single Human SHOULD Be Making Use of Lockdown

So the world comes to a standstill. Fishes reappear in the lakes, dolphins in the sea, birds in the sky. It turns out, after all, the Dodo wasn’t actually extinct and we all feel like we have been sent to our rooms to think long and hard about what we have done. With an abundanceContinue reading “How Every Single Human SHOULD Be Making Use of Lockdown”

On The Twelve Days of Lockdown Corona Gave to Me…

It seems like a few weeks ago it was corona who? And now you cannot go more than 30 minutes without it being the main topic of an uncomfortable conversation. It’s a scary and uncertain time and a lot of us feel lost as we move into a situation we have never experienced before, understandablyContinue reading “On The Twelve Days of Lockdown Corona Gave to Me…”

Making Sense of the Six-Pack

As someone who works in the fitness industry, I have been asked the inevitable question more times than people have discussed Brexit, ‘What do I have to do to get a flat stomach and a six-pack? This is for everyone who has ever asked that question, thought that question, or at least wondered why theirContinue reading “Making Sense of the Six-Pack”