Lunar Circles

The moon is the closest astronomical object to Earth, which makes it an extremely strong and influential force. The lunar calendar affects the tides, the earth’s energy, and of course human beings too. Living in alignment with the moon is about understanding the balance between being in tune with your own personal energies and the relationship this has with the lunar calendar.

While different practices can be carried out around different phases, the full moon phase is the peak of the lunar cycle, a time of heightened, outward energy and this calls us to let go of what no longer serves us. This can be a letting go of something physically, emotionally or mentally. Sometimes it can just be about the drawing of your energy back to yourself, as most of us feel it is scattered elsewhere a lot of the time. 

During a full moon circle, we take a moment to explore the particular energy we are navigating at the time. We are asked to look at what projects we are putting the majority of our effort and energy towards and is this best serving us?

Time is taken to go quiet in meditation, we drop out of the racing mind and into the physical body with a somatic yoga practice and breathwork. With a focus on the pelvis and hips – the area in the physical body of resistance and holding – we open and release this area to assist the letting go process. You are taken through guided journaling where we download the contents of the mind onto paper and come to understand ourselves a little better from a centred place. Using the illumination of the moon to metaphorically bring to light that which we need to let go of, these revelations are written down on paper and then either thrown away or burned. This process is based around the journey of whereby we grow, shed and evolve into the person we wish to be.

Working with the moon can be as strategical as a 1 to 6 month life plan whereby we realise we need to change our patterns and actions in order to succeed. It can also be as spiritual and ‘out there’ as you want it to be, no one is telling you can’t dance naked under the full moon, you might just catch a chill. The answer is there is no right or wrong, it’s what feels right to you and, really what this is all about is working out what that actually authentically is.

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