Building your Trust Muscle and Heightening your Intuition

Have you ever had a seemingly random thought or feeling and disregarded it as nonsense, only for there to be truth or reality behind it? Maybe you tell yourself it’s just in your head, maybe you think your imagination has run wild, either way you doubt or choose not to listen. This could be something small such thinking of your friend right before they call, sometimes someone says something and you just knew they were going to, it can be on a larger scale such as predicting future situations. We may think of them as coincidence or just chance but this is our intuition in direct communication with us.

Trusting in the Madness Method

There are hundreds of practices out there that deepen our connection to our intuition. I believe this connection comes from deeperning our connection to our body, moving towards becoming embodied. To do this, I personally work with and facilitate with others the use of movement, breath and sound. To embark on these practices we benefit from beginning in a place of trust, because you can’t listen to someone you do not believe in. That’s why I will often start a session with a brief outline of the science behind the practice. This often allows the intellectual mind to feel somewhat satisfied and get ‘on board’ with the experience. To trust. This allows us to tune out of our cognitive channel and into the wisom of the body-based practice. It is also important to know things don’t always have to make perfect, impiracle sense and that is okay.

Trusting in Thy Self

Then there is the self-trust that is needed in order to drop in. By ‘drop in’, what I mean is to let go of control of the outside world, to let go of trying to control your body or any situation and to surrender fully to the experience. While it seems simple in theory, it can be a real challenge, in practice. In order to do this, on any level, we must have trust in ourselves that we are okay and we will continue to be okay. Knowing that our body will know what to do and to use the clishe, trust the process *insert peace fingers*.

Bodily intelligence, will forever fascinate me. Our ability to achieve homeostasis despite internal turmoil, the nervous systems capacity to shift according to surrounding stimulus, the neuroplasticity of our brain…. We are amazing! Even in injury, your body knows the area requires a change of activity causing a pain response as reflectors in your brain tell you to stay off that area. The soft tissue inflames as the site swells, because more fluid is needed at the site of injury for protection. The skin becomes bruised because an increase of blood and nutrients are needed and then sent to that space. Our body knows how to do this intuitively, it requires no devised plan or thought. No intellectual activity is needed. I believe this to be true in all areas of healing.

If we look at the more subtle impact of our intuition, during breathwork or sound bath, it can talk to us through images, memories and sensations. I noticed in my own early journey and in others I facilitate for, that this signalling is often disregarded as not meaning anything and just imagination. What if your imagination holds the capacity to communicate to you through deeper wisdom?


So how may breathwork, and specifically conscious connected breath, develop your relationship with your intuition? When we breathe in this style, we are able to temporarily turn down the volume of the neo frontal cortex, the youngest part of the brain responsible for rationalising and planning – and to it it’s detriment – overthinking and worrying. As we move the focus away from this part of the brain we are able to heighten areas such as the amygdala, responsible for emoting. Which is why, from the breath, we gain an incredible ability to feel so much. We often drop into a transcendental flow state, where dialogue between you and your intuition can open up and you can even ask it, what do I need to know right now, and then listening for the answer.

I was once told that if you hadn’t picked up the phone to talk to a friend in a while, maybe years, they may not be that quick to open up, to tell you how they really feel. They may even withdraw a little. The same can be said with that relationship to yourself, to your body. Being patient to build on the language your body is speaking and deepen your connection to it, one breath at a time.

The differnece between anixous thoughts and intuitive guidance

A difficult question is to know what downloads are intuitive wisdom and what is your mind reeling off 101 things to validate your anxious fears. Well for me, anxious thoughts, speak quickly and urgently. They may have an impatience to them, demanding that I act now. These thoughts feel as if they are in the front top area of my brain, around that neo frontal cortex space. Where as intuitive guidance, for me, comes from a deep sense of knowing. Sometimes the voice is low, or quiet, yet grounded. This can make it sometimes difficult to hear, especially if louder, faster, obtrusive thoughts are in the way. This is where the breath comes in to bring peace of mind and inner understanding.

Intuition is a thought, a feeling or a sense that we get. It is a knowing. We only stray off path or away from our self, if we doubt this inner truth. Intuition is not something that some people have and other people lack. I believe it is a gift we all posses, it’s just a case of fine tuning it, or deepening our relationship to it. If you want to explore your relationship with your intuition further, please feel you can reach out for guidance in a one-to-one session with me. If you are wanting to explore this in a group online space, feel welcome to join my monthly virtual event, The Deep Breathe, a conscious connected breath and sound bath immersion. You are also welcome to join me in studio, I hold a weekly breathe and sound bath at Bamford.

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