Meditation For Releasing Tension

This meditation is a little bit different to the usual inhale, exhale…. Being mindful is just the skill of paying attention, so this can be on anything you like. This is a dynamic meditation, where we encourage movement, a sense of being free, open. Encouraging the heart rate to increase, truly feeling human and alive. Know that there is no right or wrong, what you look like does not matter, this is about connecting within.

Teachers, the script is at the bottom of this page if you’d like to use it in your own classes.

You can experience the meditation as I guide you through myself and you can find me on Spotify: Meditate With Me.

Come to a comfortable standing positing, feet grounding you strongly to the floor and id like to encourage you to close the eyes if you feel comfortable

Begin to look within

We’ll start by noticing the breath, not controlling or altering it in anyway but just noticing where it sits 

Is the breathing sitting in the chest, maybe the throat?

Just notice

Now start to wiggle your fingers, notice how they move

Starting to shake out your hands asif drying them of water

Shake the energy downwards 

Feel this shaking move up to your elbows as your arms become involved

Moving up to your shoulders as they shrug heavily downwards 

Feeling as if you are shaking the tension away, feeling it release from the body more and more with each movement 

With a slight tuck to the chin begin to allow your head to move with the shaking

Now moving the legs, feel the knees bend and release 

Like an elastic band in springing through your whole body 

Feet grounding you steady but the whole of your body now, moving, shaking vigorously as every joint, every body part, shakes and moves 

Energy moving down, down, down 

Feeling the vibration moving through your whole body 

Removing and negativity, any tension, just shaking it off and feeling it leave you 

Keep moving, keep shaking, if you can moving bigger and fuller in your body incorporating all of you 

Now slowly, when you are ready, reducing the shaking 

Slowly, in your own time coming back to stillness

Being aware and taking notice of any sensation you might feel in your body

Maybe a tingling sensation in the palms of the hands

Just notice

Begin to direct deep and meaningful breaths down into your belly now 

Feeling it expand and soften 

Well done

And take the time to thank yourself for connect and be present.”

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