New Moon Meditation

With an abundance of energy on the new moon, we can channel this to our advantage. Taking the opportunity to move into a new head space, new frame of mind and way of thinking. Use this new moon to cultivate what you want into your life. Together now we will plant a seed for whatContinue reading “New Moon Meditation”

Meditation For Releasing Tension

This meditation is a little bit different to the usual inhale, exhale…. Being mindful is just the skill of paying attention, so this can be on anything you like. This is a dynamic meditation, where we encourage movement, a sense of being free, open. Encouraging the heart rate to increase, truly feeling human and alive.Continue reading “Meditation For Releasing Tension”

Positive Sun Visualisation

I woke up one morning as we were transitioning into Spring and the sun was shining through the window. It made me think how much we appreciate the sun after a cold winter. It made me remember how good it feels to have the sun shine on your face. How it helps you relax. TheContinue reading “Positive Sun Visualisation”