New Moon Meditation

With an abundance of energy on the new moon, we can channel this to our advantage. Taking the opportunity to move into a new head space, new frame of mind and way of thinking. Use this new moon to cultivate what you want into your life.

Together now we will plant a seed for what your soul truly needs. 

Teachers, the script is at the bottom of this page if you’d like to use it in your own classes.

You can experience the meditation as I guide you through myself and you can find me on Spotify: Meditate With Me.

Coming into a comfortable seated position 

Closing the eyes and bringing awareness to the breath 

Notice where it travels to 

Trying to direct it to the belly 

Breathing with our full lung capacity 

So we begin to look inward, to your inner space of peace, calm, silence, stillness

Visualise yourself seated beneath an open velvety night sky 

As you see yourself gaze up you notice the stars  

How bright they shine, compared to the new moon, translucent and hidden on this evening

They twinkle and glisten above you 

One in particular outshining the rest 

Sending beacons of star light across the sky, towards you 

Envision this bright star light emerging out from your heart centre

Gradually it grows bigger, offering this bright light to the world around you 

At the same time notice a bright light, pouring in from the top of your head from above, in through the crown of your head

As you breathe in, feel the star light pouring in from your crown

As you breathe out, feel the star light emerging outward from your heart 

Breathing in, the light flows into you

Breathing out, your light radiates outwards

Breathing in

Breathing out 

Feeling this light within you, the spark of life that is always within 

Find this spark

Your life force 

Your personal energy 

Responsible for all you do and who you are 

Feel the stillness of this energy within you

Feel the stillness at the very centre of your being 

Still, but so alive 

So vibrant 

Your inner current 

Your personal frequency 

You have so much you can give 

On this new moon it is the best time energetically, to connect 

To understand what your personal deepest and truest desires are 

Think about the things you would like to bring into and manifest in your life 

Think about something you would like to bring about

You can speak these intentions to yourself in your mind now 

Feel these words emanating, projecting outwards 

Why do you want this to be apart of your life, or why do you want your life to be this way?

What emotions will this bring about in you, how will it make you feel 

Try and let that emotion, that feeling encompass you

Completely and entirely 

Feeling that emotion radiating through you and emitting the frequency outward 

As I leave you here now, deep in meditation

Feel that you can stay here setting your intentions and manifesting it into the world as long as feel right 

When you do choose to leave, do so with a deep sense of knowing that all that you already want to manifest is already yours.”

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