You are more magical than you have ever been led to believe

New Age spirituality has given voice and popularity to the magical amongst us. Perhaps you do or do not know that you have been using magic since the day you were born and you continue to work with it daily.

M A G I C : The power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

I am still shocked that when you bring up the concept of magic to some people they raise their eyebrows or look complexed. If this is you, are you aware that magic is one of the most ancient forms of spirituality that has been recorded over history? It’s been used by generations and will continue to be used, whether you are on board or not, this train is leaving. Are you staying behind?

Magic isn’t just everywhere it’s in everyONE

If magic still confuses you or simply freaks you out, let me simplify or normalise this for you.

Here are just a few examples of how different people use their magic…

(You will probably use a combination)

  • Christians pray to God
  • Pagan Witches cast spells
  • Atheists make 3, 5, 10 year plans 
  • Buddhists meditate with Buddha
  • Muslims follow guidance from the Quran
  • Astrologers work with the planetary alignment
  • Psychologists understand and change mindset and behaviour
  • Clairvoyants receive messages from those who have passed
  • Green witches connect with the power of nature
  • Energy workers see and move energy 
  • Intuits trust the guidance they hear, feel or see

Whether you are praying to Allah, receiving a blessing from the Dalai Lama, using crystals to manage pain or writing a business plan you are putting energy towards a belief system that works for you.

Everything you say and do, every action you willingly perform sends a direct message to the universe, that energy is cultivated and magnetised back to you tenfold. Regardless of what belief system you are using as a portal for this magic, you are magical. 

And if it works WHO CARES what you bloody use.

If the concept of magic triggers you, perhaps delve into why…

Are you threatened at the thought of being powerful?

Does it scare you to think there are forces out there that influence us?

Do others that claim to be magic af irritate you?

My childhood was magical! Leaving honey milk out for the fairies down at the bottom of the garden happened on the reg. We often ran out of shower products because 90% of them would go down the sink in the many potions I would cook up in the bathroom. Young and innocent before we are ruined by societal conditioning a lot of us believed in the magic of the world around us.

What happens as we grow up?

A lot of us are…

Told to fit in and not be different from others.

Convinced to be confident but not too powerful because that’s not your role.

Drawn to the idea that all feelings need measurable proof and tangible validation.

Low vibe people will WANT you to think you are nothing but powerless. Why would they want you to feel good about yourself? So get these people out of your life. Get rid.

Push past that uncomfortable fear based thinking that the media and the world want you to believe in that you have no control, that you have no say. You do!

Ways to incorporate intentional magic into your life

  1. Tap into your intuition

Trusting your gut response before anxiety, other people’s views and judgement takes over. What is the initial message you get? Small ways you can practice is by guessing who is calling or knocking at the door before you check and answer.

2. You do you

Use the belief system that really resonates with you. By that I mean practice the rituals that speak to you, not dictated to by society, family or friends. Those that are supportive of your journey will be there with you.

3. Deepen your connection with yourself

Be this though meditation, prayer, physical movement – step back into your body and out of your head.

So all I’d say to you – whether you want to incorporate the intentional use of magic or not – live life as your unapologetic authentic self!

Not who daddy told you you should be.

Not who society deemed you to be worthy as.

Not who your friends or co-workers value as acceptable.


Because that’s the best damn version of yourself you could ever possibly be.

And if in the meantime that means discovering your inner witch, dancing naked under the Full Moon and cooking up spells in the bath,

Then why the fuck not?

I’d much rather live a magical exciting existence that a boring one 365 days of the year, thank you.

You are as magical as you believe you are and never let anyone tell you any different

You are not just able to USE magic, you ARE magic

All things love, light and laughter,

Jas x 

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