Positive Sun Visualisation

I woke up one morning as we were transitioning into Spring and the sun was shining through the window. It made me think how much we appreciate the sun after a cold winter. It made me remember how good it feels to have the sun shine on your face. How it helps you relax. The sun increases our serotonin and vitamin D levels which make us feel happy, reducing stress and tension.

Teachers, the script is at the bottom of this page if you’d like to use it in your own classes.

If you want to experience this meditation for yourself, my spoken guide is below or you can find me over on my Spotify: Meditate with Me.

You might like to sit outside, or by a window where the sun in shining in, or using your imagination you can visualise the sun 

Settle into your breathing

Breathing all the way deep into your belly 

Feeling the lungs expand fully and then relax entirely 

Breathing in… and breathing out

Now in your minds eye begin to visualise a bright yellow sun in front of you

Picture this clearly and in detail in your mind 

It’s beams shining down on you 

Bright and powerful 

Know that this is a positive light 

A healing light 

Feel the warmth spread and encompass your skin on your face, shoulders and arms

Bask in this warming light

This warmth allows the muscles in your face to soften, to unfold like a flower in the sunshine 

Letting go of any stored emotion

Any tension from your shoulders feels as if it is draining away 

Feel your body soaking up these positives rays 

On each in breath imagine that you are breathing in this bright sunlight 

Digesting it on a cellular level

And when you breath out feel any tension, any worry or fear leave with the breath


There may or may not be clouds that pass in your sky

Momentarily blocking the rays of the sun 

As in the same way, with our emotions and in life, we have moments of light and temporary moments in the shade 

But the sun is consistent and is always there, even if it is blocked by clouds even if it cannot be seen  

It will always emerge again and shine down on you

Feel your body take on the light from your sun

Knowing that your personal sun, can be your own personal light 

It can follow you around all day 

Part of your very being 

Protecting, healing, centering


Now as you slowly begin to allow any remaining images to fade

Keep the feeling of the light, the feeling of being lifted with you

Take an energising breath in and start to come back to your body

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